abishek gopal
The inner drive in Abishek Gopal, motivates his creative passion, with an intent, to perfect the individualistic experiences that people perceive
Having a master's degree in Animation at the Academy of art university, and a previous bachelor's in Information technology. Abishek Gopal possess the foundation of a technical yet proves to be a creative artist in computing.
    Over the learning curve, Abishek has developed a deep understanding of using 3D tools by giving life to characters. With an experience of animating and directing an entire individual short film and few collaborative project of the past, also working in a team with prior positions, Gopal has developed good interpersonal skills, and seeks to always improve. Humble as he is always wanting to improve and listening to feedback sets him with a unique definition.
In the journey of creative admiration and contributing towards the entertainment industry by creating immersive content, he is constantly adapting to newer tools to quickly improve his craft  and knowledge to learn newer and efficient ways of expression.