This company provides specially-trained Health Advocate team provides 24x7 patient support, wellness coaching, and intelligent reporting through our award-winning, 3D animated avatar-enhanced care application built on unity and runs on android platform.
Tweaking previously modelled 3D avatars such as (Dog & Cat)  using blender. Also modified the 3D layout and camera to create depth with better viewing angle and appeal. Created low poly 3D models to enhance application load times, and adding newer ideas into the scene such as carpet, notepad, curtains. Exported 3D animated skeletons with motion data from blender to unity.
The examples below showcase the contribution that has been shipped and widely adapted.

Added Curtain & Carpet into the scene, modelled in blender and imported in Unity 4.2

Night time with curtain and carpet, unity screenshot

Buddy with updated carpet and notepad, animation taking notes

Modelled and animated in blender, added a skeleton and applied the key frames on the bones.

Exported the animation sequence from blender and imported it to unity.

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